Information Leafblower claims to have been forwarded the following by an associate :

Colin Coward Interview Opportunity- DC Area- TIME SENSITIVE

Hi there [redacted],

My name is [redacted] and I’m working with ESPN Radio to help promote some of their top talent. I wanted to touch base with you about an upcoming event we have with Colin Coward in the DC area. Colin is going to broadcasting from Clyde’s Restaurant next to the Verizon Center THIS THURSDAY and we have just been informed he has granted interview opportunities with online press immediately following his show, at 1 PM.

I wanted to reach out to you to see if you were interested in being one of the four sites we are offering this opportunity to. Each site will have ten minutes of one-on-one time with Colin, as well as photos opportunities following. The space and time is understandable limited, so I will need to hear back from you ASAP as to whether or not you’d be interested.

Please let me know and I can give you further details! I understand the turnaround is very quick on this, but I think this will be a great opportunity that shouldn’t be missed.

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you!


Almost as tremendous as the above solicitation is the comment I.L. received from this guy  :

I’d rather cut off my dick and eat it raw than listen to 30 seconds of that douchebag.

Well put. I don’t think a young Rudy Martzke could’ve said it nearly as well.