(Gibby, right, tries to entertain on the set of “The Passion Of The Christ” with tales of Patsy Kensit’s sugar tits and his suspicions that Joe Pesci was Jewish. On the left, Jim Caviezel, naps)

As you’ve probably read, actor/director Mel Gibson is in a bit of hot water over alleged anti-semetic remarks and boorish behavior that occured after he was pulled over on a DUI charge Friday evening. Without wishing to sound cavalier about the insane rantings of a Holocaust revisionist’s son, or his putting the public at risk by driving drunk, the following points need to be made :

1) Some policemen are Jews.

2) In some circles, “sugar tits” is considered a term of endearment. The Red Sox clubhouse, for instance.

3) At least he hasn’t played the “I AM REM” card.

4) A couple of inappropriate, hateful remarks, booze-fueled or not, may or may not be the true measure of Gibson’s character. There are other ways of interpreting his nutty world-view.