In which wannabe Scott Bore-ass Darren Heitner (above) of the hapless Sports Agent Blog is interviewed by Sports Tech Now.

Hey, dickwad : how about a little full disclosure for your two dozen readers? Ie. when exactly did CSTB become one of your least favorites? Was it after I politely asked you to cease with the FUCKING SPAM, or was it after I wrote this post? Seriously, I’d really like to know, ‘cuz I wouldn’t dream of questioning the credibility of a guy whose self-penned wikipedia entry includes the powerful observation, “world issues are very important and affect all of us.”

Sheesh. Given that this legend in his own mind is incapable of writing his way out of a paper bag, I’m sure I’ll find some way of consoling myself. If a quick gander at Heitner’s client list isn’t enough to generate side-splitting laughter, there’s always the knowledge this is gonna be one of the more prominent Google search results the next time an up & coming arm wrestler, Segway Racer or roller hockey player does a little research about Dynasty Athlete Representation.