Journeyman C Kelvin Cato signed with the Knicks on Wednesday, a day also marked by the release of Nikoloz Tskitishvili, the no. 5 pick in the 2002 draft and perhaps Kiki Vandewghe’s biggest cross to bear.

Though I’m still not sure about that D-Wade commercial where he gives the SUV away to a homeless man, at least he’s not endorsing Fun-Dip.

Far be for me to wish Paul Shirley anything but prosperity, but his trials and tribulations make for better reading (link courtesy I Heart K.G.)

Thaddeus (cape cod, MA): What was it like going up against Mark Madsen every day in practice for 3 weeks?

Paul Shirley: A flurry of paleness.
Ron New York: How could you lose out to Mark Madsen??

Paul Shirley: 5 years, $10 million. Guaranteed.

Andrew (Orlando, FL: Being with the team the last month or so, are you going to keep all your practice gear (T-wolves shirts, jerseys, shorts, ect.) or are you going to toss them out in the trash as you spite and curse the organization ?

Paul Shirley: Keep it, of course. This entire exercise was just a way to restock my wardrobe.

Tom (Columbus, OH): So now you are joining the AND 1 tour right? That would be high comedy.

Paul Shirley: Just shots of me with a look of pure disgust, over and over again. Yes, I see how that could work.

Brian (Miami, FL): Any TV show reccomendations? I’m a big fan of Deadwood, Studio 60 and Dexter. Do most NBA players watch the high quality premium cable shows like Sports Guy does or do they just watch garbage?

Paul Shirley: As far as I can tell, they watch Sportscenter, over and over. Also, try to keep your lust for Bill Simmons’ affection down to a dull roar. He’s a good guy, but your adulation smacks of creepy.

Jon (Chicago): How soon until rock bottom hits and you become a Stellastar roadie?

Paul Shirley: That actually sounds nice. I think it might be an improvement.