This sort of takes the shine off last night’s 20 point, 9 assist performance against New Orleans. From :

Placer County Animal Services officers have seized a Great Dane from the mansion of Sacramento Kings star Ron Artest, saying the animal was underfed.

Neighbors had complained for weeks that the dog — named Socks — appeared to be starving inside a gated area on Artest’s $1.85 million estate in rural Loomis, about 30 miles northeast of the state capital, according to a county report.

On Jan. 30, animal services officers visited Artest’s home and issued a “pre-seizure” notice, warning the basketball star and aspiring rap artist that the black, female Great Dane would be taken into custody if the animal was not better cared for.

Placer County animal services officers returned to Artest’s 6,571-square-foot home Monday and removed Socks, the report said.

The episode has so upset neighbors in Artest’s gated community that the homeowners’ association plans to vote next week on guidelines that would require members to properly care for their animals.

Jayson Williams was unavailable for comment.

In an unrelated story, the Pacers’ Jamal Tinsley, Marquis Daniels and Keith McLeod are denying allegations they beat up a bar manager after last night’s loss to Golden State. If anyone ever says there’s nothing to do after midnight in Indy, Tinsley and Daniels have ample evidence to the contrary.