On Monday in this space, the case of Evan Chaggaris was briefly noted.

Chaggaris (above) was sentenced to five months probation after being found guilty of writing threatening letters to various ESPN employees, including unspecified on-air talent.

David Scott of Scott’s Shots
has many of the specifics, gory details that have the squeamish Will Leitch commenting,

Suddenly, it doesn’t seem very funny. Not that it ever did.

Of course not. “Funny” would be encouraging the nation’s youth to stalk Chris Berman and risk a slapping from the alleged lothario’s meaty paws. “Funny” would be accepting a paycheck from a firm that not only rejoices in the invasion of celebrity privacy, but provides a fucking map for those who might wanna, y’know, dismember the stars and starlets who’ve previously eluded them. “Funny” would be proclaiming virtually every “Fire ______ ” website to be a work of near-genius, yet expressing surprise when you suddenly find yourself with “An Unknown Online Enemy.”

Or maybe it isn’t really that funny. Maybe it’s just the height of hypocrisy.