(Even this talented team can’t generate a laugh out of Lisa Nowak — an astronaut killer in a diaper, and not one good joke.)

A quick Google search of blogs comes up with the following list of Nowak jokes. I know I’m killing at least several days of CSTB posts, but this topic seems to have burnt itself out in a single newscycle. None of them even reference the diaper.

“Houston, We Have A Problem”
“The Wrong Stuff!”
“The Really Wrong Stuff!”
“Space Oddity”
“Lust in Space”
“Crash-and-Burn: Lisa Nowak’s Crazy Descent”
“Lunar Toon”
“Space Case!”

And then Claudia, from the blog “Get the F Out Of Here,” rounds up the rest, leading off with:

“That’s a Spacey Meatball!”