(Doug Eddings tells Mike Wood that he’s a goner for throwing at Detroit’s Craig Monroe.)

The Kansas City Star’s Bob Dutton on the grim scenes during the Royals’ 14-3 defeat to the unbeaten Tigers yesterday.

Some thank-you this was. The Royals marked the start of their new 25-year commitment to Kauffman Stadium on Wednesday by staging what amounted to a vaudeville matinee in the form of a 14-3 loss to the Detroit Tigers.

It started bad, got worse and pretty much lacked only a clown with a squirting flower and a bear on a tricycle. It was, in short, like too many games over the last two years:

Cirque de Royale.

œIt was ugly, left fielder Emil Brown said. œOn Monday, they scored just enough to beat us (3-1). But today¦that was just ugly.

There were also plenty of boos from the crowd of 11,265 ” particularly at Mike Sweeney for popping out to first with one out and a runner on third; and at Angel Berroa for making a base-running blunder.

œWe probably deserved it, first baseman Doug Mientkiewicz said. œThat was not very entertaining. But getting on your own team sends a bad message around the league.

œAnd when you boo your franchise player, a guy who cares so much about this city and tries so hard¦you™ve got to cut him a little slack.