A few months back a certain veteran sports talk host from Cheyenne, WY approached me about splitting a time buy on NYC’s AM 970 (home to such broadcasting legends as Joe Piscopo, Dr. Gil Lederman, Sebastian Gorka, etc.). The deal was, me and the other party (we’ll just call him “DC” ) would split a four hour overnight — he’d talk for 2 hours about how a vast liberal conspiracy had ruined his career, and then I’d play records after everyone had gone to sleep. Sweet deal for $3000, right?

Anyhow, he’s not returning my calls and the folks at AM970 say his deposit bounced. So like so many others of you, I’ve had to turn to mixcloud — first show is up, link in bio. Sorry for the technical probs but I think Gorka tapped the phones here.

NNB – Slack
MX 80 – Someday You’ll Be King
The Count Bishops -Train Train
Alison Cotton – All Is Quiet At the Ancient Theatre

Rattle – Signal
Clinic – Walking With Thee
Snapper – Stalker
Vivienne Styg – Hellhound
B LA C K I E – Rerturn To Control

Jim White & Marisa Anderson – The Other Christmas Song
Rob Noyes & Sam Moss – Suburban Potions
Shawn David McMillen – Raven
William Fowler Collins -Field Music
Double Leopards – Chemical Wedding

Frantix – My Dad’s A Fuckin Alcoholic
Schizos – ATF
Jason Forest – Shamelessley Exciting
Andrew Cohen & Light Coma – Repack
E – Sunrise
The Native Cats – Run With The Roses
Chris Stroffolino – How Do You Know When It’s Raining

M. Sage – Window Unit + Three Flat
Oddly Imploded – Rivetiing The Universe Together
So Percussioin Aluminum