Former Vikings / current Jaguars WR Troy Williamson felt free sharing his animus for Minnesota head coach Brad Childress (above) with the St. Paul Pioneer Press’ Sean Jensen, but went just a bit further within earshot of the Orlando Sentinel’s Tania Ganguil prior to Jacksonville and Minnesota’s meeting next Sunday.

“I mean, if I could duke it out with coach Childress, that™d be a different story,” Williamson said. “But other than that this is just another game to play on Sunday.”

Williamson brought that up again twice on his own accord. He even asked us to let Vikings Coach Brad Childress know that he wanted to meet him at the 50-yard line. The best part? Williamson probably isn’t going to play on Sunday. He hasn’t been cleared by doctors after a groin injury.

“That™s why I said me and coach Childress can meet at the 50 yard line so I can get my work in on Sunday,” Williamson said.

Jags Coach Jack Del Rio didn’t have a problem with Williamson spouting off. He’s not sure that’s bulletin board material. After all…

“I haven™t seen many guys go after the coach and that become an issue,” Del Rio said, laughing. “So unless that™s going to motivate Brad to play harder I™m not going to worry.”

“He probably wouldn’t have to run very fast to catch him,”
Del Rio added.