The Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s Mac Engel reports that Bill Parcells has stepped down as Cowboys head coach, announcing his retirement (again) earlier today.

Though I’ve never visited the WFAN offices, I do hope for the sake of Mike Francesca (and any persons walking directly outside the building) the studios are located on a lower floor.

The Houston Chronicle’s Richard Justice
claims the Saints’ NFC title loss proves that “Mario (Williams) Was The Right Call” for the woeful Texans. Sarcasm’s the lowest form of humor, Dick.

Sunday proved that Reggie Bush is nothing special. He had one electrifying 88-yard TD reception. So what. One lucky play means nothing. Who can’t go 88, make a couple of guys miss and have an entire nation going ”Oh my gosh? every now and then?” Yawn. (Don’t get me started on the showboating. Very bad. And with all the touchdowns that kid’s going to score, he’s going to make his team look bad a lot with all that showboating.) Besides, look at what he did the 10 other times he touched the ball. Nothing, that’s what.He rushed four times for 19 yards and caught six passes for 45 yards. Those numbers won’t win you many games. Let’s face it, I’d rather have Mario Williams roaring around the end, making quarterbacks uncomfortable. Mario is consistent. Oh sure, he made a couple of plays around mid-season. The rest of the season you knew exactly what you were getting with him.

Vince Young? Same thing. His 66.7 QB rating was 30th in the NFL. He was way behind 15th-ranked David Carr. Sure he led his team to 8 victories in 10 games. Some of you think it’s all about winning. It’s about numbers, friend. He even threw more interceptions than Carr and had almost 100 fewer attempts. Okay, maybe they won a few games and energized their teams and all of that. Some of you people focus on just one thing: win, win, win. Like I said, you can twist numbers any way you’d like. I deal in facts. There’s a Super Bowl being played in a couple of weeks, and neither Reggie nor Vince will be there. Mario? Next year, big fella.