How underwhelming was the 2012 NBA Slam Dunk Contest? People are actually nostalgic for Nate Robinson. Among those who felt Saturday’s spectacle was sorely lacking was Hornets PG Jarret Jack, whose twitter critique of the event was noted by the Toronto Sun’s Mike Ganter.

Jack took particular aim at Minnesota rookie Derrick Williams calling him out for riding on the back of a motorcycle that he eventually (and lamely) jumped over.

He also made reference to Williams “cash register mouth” an apparent dig at the rookie’s underbite.

Williams responded in kind first pretending he didn’t know who Jack was and then suggesting “All I know is come draft night. That team lookin for a point guard.”

Williams checked himself after that saying he had to chill out. Jack eventually suggested Williams had to stop taking things so seriously, that he was only having some fun. But it didn’t sound like fun for either.