Like many of you, I was up late Saturday night / early Sunday AM watching the USA claim Olympic gold against a surprisingly physical, tenacious Spain. While marveling at the pseudo-Maravich-isms of Ricky Rubio and a revelatory exhibition from Portland’s Rudy Fernandez, I must admit, it never occurred to me that Jason Kidd would soon be reduced to gestures reminiscent of Elvis Presley’s final years ; ie. an aging superster giving away flashy trinkets in order to distract from a subpar performance. From The Las Vegas Review-Journal :

Jason Kidd promised Elaine Wynn, wife of casino mogul Steve Wynn, that he would give her his newest Olympic medal if the Americans fulfill the redeem dream.

“It’s not a (gambling) marker or anything like that,” Kidd told The Arizona Republic. “She’s just a great friend and a really great person.”

They met last year when Kidd and the USA team stayed at the Wynn while training in Las Vegas.

“Last summer, we stayed at the Wynn for (what seemed like) a lifetime, close to three weeks,” Kidd said. “We met at a banquet, we got to talking, and she really understands the game.

“I told her I’d make a deal with her, that if we won the gold medal, I’d give it to her. She thought I was kidding. But I told her I had one already, and the way they treated us at the Wynn, it was the least I could do.”