Wouldn’t it be great if Bleecker Bob’s reopened as a clubhouse for Steve Bartkowski’s legion of fans in the Tri-State area?  No?  Alternatively, on the occasion of Brett Favre’s solid-if-not-spectacular showing against the Giants last night, the New York Times’ Jeff Bercovici reports the former Packers QB’s sizeable NYC cult has a chosen a unique home to follow his new exploits.  It’s a slippery slope, from Bob Dylan to Phil Ochs to Music For Dozens to His Favreness, but who am I to begrudge these Brett boosters a fun night out?

After moving to New York in 1980, Patrick Mr. Daley took a job tending bar at Kettle of Fish, which, in its original Macdougal Street location, had been a hangout for Jack Kerouac, Bob Dylan and other Village habitués.In 1998, he bought the bar, which had settled into a low-ceilinged wood-and-brick space on Christopher Street, previously occupied by the Lion™s Head, and he set about remaking it as a shrine to all things green and gold. The wall behind the bar is heavy with plaques and signed photos, with pride of place going to a Packers stock certificate.

Over the years, a few retired players have stopped by, Mr. Daley said, adding, œHopefully, Brett will come in now that he™s in New York. One of Mr. Daley™s employees pointed out that Favre, a recovering alcoholic and painkiller addict, no longer drinks. Mr. Daley™s response: œWell, we™ll find out if he comes in.

(* – OK, I do realize we’re not even talking about the same building and if I bothered to do any research, I’d already know the original Folk City is now a Duane Reade, a Washington Mutual or a combination Duane Reade/Pinkberry.