And the war of words, between Heat coach Pat Riley and former charge Damon Jones (currently with the Cavs), takes another turn.

From the South Florida Sun Sentinel’s Ira Winderman.

Riley declined comment on a story out of Cleveland that Shaquille O’Neal recently phoned Damon Jones to lift the spirits of the former Heat guard.

“I wouldn’t believe a word that Damon Jones said,” Riley said.

Jones told the Akron Beacon Journal of the phone call from O’Neal, “He blamed the struggles of this team on me. He told me that I know better because I’ve been there before and I’ve been on good teams and I should be passing along the way we approached games last year.”

Jones’ verbose ways never played particularly well in the Heat front office during last year’s lone season with the team.

“I can assure you that Shaquille isn’t the one that went public about it,” Riley said of the purported phone call.

For those that profess to find the New York Post’s Peter Vescey unfunny, this one’s for you.

After the Knicks’ sixth consecutive defeat, 16th of 17 and 22nd of 24, Larry Brown checked himself into General Hospital, ER, Grey’s Anatomy and Scrubs insisting someone (a doctor, an orderly, a Howard Porter) find something wrong with him. What makes people believe if Brown has the “right” players he’ll turn them into a winning team? Would Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James get more playing time with the Knicks than they got with the Bad Dream Team? How long would it take LeBron to learn to play the “right” way as defined by Larry?

I’m having a tough time picking who should feel worse about a recently televised peformance ; Texas’ PJ Tucker for losing track of the shot clock during the final moments of Wednesday’s loss at A&M, the kid who was assigned to guard the autistic high schooler (who hit 6 three-pointers in less than 2 minutes) or the Milwaukee Bucks