From the LA Times’ Mike DiGiovanni.

The Angels on Saturday began investigating a Feb. 9 incident involving top pitching prospect Jered Weaver, who was cited for public intoxication in Long Beach and spent 12 hours in the city’s jail.

Weaver, a former Long Beach State standout who ended a yearlong holdout by signing with the Angels for $4 million last May, was not arrested. As a first-time offender, Weaver essentially received “a slap on the wrist and a lot of humiliation,” Officer Steve Kerr of the Long Beach Police Department said.

According to the police report, Weaver, 23, had emerged from a Long Beach establishment with several friends when he was cited and taken into custody.

“He just had too much to drink,” Kerr said. “He was unable to care for himself or to be in the presence of others.”

Weaver, the younger brother of new Angel pitcher Jeff Weaver, said he believed he was unfairly singled out.

“We were coming out of some place after a farewell party for everyone who was taking off for spring training,” said Weaver, a first-round pick in 2004 who is in major league camp with the Angels.

“There wasn’t anything that happened. I got picked on at the wrong time. It was a fluke thing. It’s not going to happen again.”

Does seem a shame that Weaver doesn’t have someone in his life, say, an older brother who could provide guidance. For instance, pointing out that pot might be far less harmful than alcohol.