The Raiders travel to Denver tonight for what used to be one of the hottest rivalries in the NFL. At the moment, however the squabbles between Jerry Porter, Randy Moss and their employer are the sole source of entertainment in Oakland. From the SF Chronicle’s Nancy Gay and David White.

A “chaotic” Raiders practice session Friday in Alameda — a sloppy, longer-than-usual workout that left many players grumbling, sources said — resulted in wide receiver Jerry Porter receiving a four-game suspension from coach Art Shell for conduct detrimental to the team when the seventh-year veteran openly complained within earshot of the staff.

Characterized by one Raiders player as “the worst practice we’ve had all season” under Shell, the usual 90-minute Friday session extended well past 21/2 hours, several team sources said on the condition of anonymity, and much of the roster was frustrated and angry by the lack of organization.

“People wonder why we’re 0-4 — that’s why,” one player said of the workout. “It was a joke out there. Guys were pissed off.”

Numerous players, including veterans such as Moss and defensive tackle Warren Sapp, were grumbling among themselves about the practice session, which one Raiders source described as “completely disorganized and chaotic.”

At one point, sources said, Porter — who was running with the scout team defense — asked somewhat loudly if the practice “was going to last three hours or what?”

Shell overheard the comment, sources said, and retaliated with the suspension.

“I don’t know who said (what) to who first, but I turned around for one minute and he was walking off the field,” said Raiders safety Jarrod Cooper, who has befriended Porter and regularly socializes with him away from the football field.

“The whole situation is sad. It’s meaningless. I don’t even know how it got to that point, but it did. Weird.”

The suspension will cost Porter $235,000 of his $1 million base salary — if it were to stick. And that appears unlikely.

Unlike the Philadelphia Eagles, who carefully documented every egregious offense committed by wide receiver Terrell Owens before slapping him with a similar four-game suspension without pay last season, the Raiders are not believed to have kept a detailed dossier on Porter.

Without proper documentation of so-called detrimental conduct, an NFL source said, it would be almost impossible to enforce the suspension once it is appealed by Porter’s agent, Joel Segal, and the NFL Players Association.

Four net passing yards between the Giants and Falcons after a scoreless first quarter today at the Georgia Dome. Good thing Eli’s such an amazing running threat, then.

Steve McNair’s been knocked out of Baltimore’s 1pm game with Carolina. Kyle Boller is in for the Ravens, who just fumbled on successive plays from scrimmage, the 2nd of which recovered by Julius Peppers. The Panters lead, 3-0, moments into the 2nd quarter.

St. Louis’ Mark Bulger is carving up the Seattle pass defense early and often ; he’s 9 for 10 (122 yards, one TD pass to Torry Holt), as the Rams lead the Seahaks, 14-7 early in the 2nd quarter.

Dallas’ results on their first three possessions : punt, punt, turnover on downs (incomplete pass from Bledsoe to Glenn, 4th and 1 from the Houston 43).  The Texans are up, 3-0, with 13 minutes remaining in the 2nd quarter.  Tony Romo wants to know, “why am I even here?”