As you’ve probably heard elsewhere, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith finds Philly’s jettisoning of LeSean McCoy and Jeremy Maclin somewhat curious, suggesting Chip Kelly’s retention of Kenny Chesney fan Riley Cooper is “a tad bit odd”.  And while Smith at no point specified that Eagles head coach Chip Kelly had kicked black players to the curb while continuing to suit up,  y’know, a racist, that didn’t stop from running the headline, “Stephen A. Smith plays the race card when questioning Chip Kelly, Eagles’ recent moves.”

When, exactly did calling out racists or those who enable them, become “playing the race card?”.   How is Smith — lambasted by one commenter as “Espn’s Al Sharpton”, a more divisive force than a wide receiver guilty of this?

When DeSean Jackson is allowed to depart for Washington and Cooper remains a prominent member of the Eagles, couldn’t one just as easily surmise that Chip Kelly’s the one playing the race card?