Marc Berman really needs to watch a better class of morning show. Yesterday, Richard Simmons wore an amazing black tank top with silver sparkles on Martha Stewart’s program. She looked like she wanted to stab him in the face with her scissors. From Berman in Thursday’s New York Post.

(pic swiped from Kix And The City, sadly, not a site dedicated to Chuck Eddy’s favorite band)

In continuing his campaign to repair his image, Knicks point guard Stephon Marbury appeared yesterday morning on “Live with Regis & Kelly” to hawk his new $14.98 sneaker geared for inner-city kids, but came away making an expensive boast.

“I’m predicting a big season,” Marbury told Kelly Ripa.

“All I can say is watch,” Marbury added. “Watch. We got new blood with Isiah [Thomas] being the coach now. He’s won championships. He’s coached teams that did well.”

“Larry Brown, when he was here, he tried to do his best, but we never jelled,” Marbury said to Regis Philbin. “We had 45 starting lineups (actually 42). That’s like you hosting with everybody else in the audience. You can’t really get on the same page.”