(because Anna Benson pics create all sorts of high-traffic, higher bandwidth bills for CSTB, I’ve opted instead for a photograph of Robbie Benson.  Sorry about that.)

From the New York Daily News’ Roger Rubin
, obstensibly watching Kris Benson defeat the Yankees last night :

Anna Benson, beautifully attired and covering up in a warm blanket, had no problem addressing the speculation that the mid-January trade that sent Benson from the Mets to Baltimore was partially done to get her out of town and out of the spotlight.

“If that’s the reason the Mets make a trade, it doesn’t seem like a good way to make business decisions,” she said. “So is it all working out for them?”

Anna Benson got trampled pretty good after the deal, but she’s still got her wit. The Bensons know the trade landed catastrophe Jorge Julio in the Mets’ bullpen, that he entered last night 0-1 with a 10.80 ERA and that he had replaced Kaz Matsui as the team’s most despised player.

“I know the Mets miss me,” she said with a giggle.

Taking the bait in this instance is probably not worth the time, but I don’t think Rubin is entirely correct. Matsui has built up two years of badwill at Shea Stadium. Despite the unflattering comparisons to Mel Rojas, Julio’s ineptitude might prove to be fleeting. Becoming the most despised Met is the sort of thing that has to be earned over the long haul.

This afternoon, the Yankees are leading the Orioles, 4-1 after 5 innings.  Hideki Matsui hit a 2-run double in the home half of the 6th, sending the base-on-balls machine that is Daniel Cabrera to the showers. Or at least to the clubhouse. He might prefer to shower when he gets back to the hotel.  Everyone has their own way of doing things.