Devils 6, Rangers 1 (Game One)

Not even David Puddy, Joe Piscopo and James McGreevy at their most optimistic would’ve envisioned the sort of run New Jersey (the team, not the Garden State) have been on since Larry Robinson lost his smile (to coin a Shawn Michaels phrase from way back). To call the Devils’ dismantling of the Rangers in this afternoon’s first round playoff opener “clinical” would be quite the understatement ; I sincerely hope whatever is wrong with me, I’m never sent to such a facility (though the Continental Receeding Hairlines Arena is no palace, either).

Devils Due and The Blue Line are engaged in a spirited debate over this series, and I’m very grateful that neither called has the other an ignorant slut.

The Buffalo News’ Tim Graham suggests the key to the Sabres’ hopes in their series with Philly is to “create chaos” for Flyers netminder Robert Esche.

Though I think such a plan has considerable merit (ie. hide his keys, mess with Eshe’s Netflix account, tell everyone that Temple Of Bon Matin are playing at his house after the game, etc.), I suspect the Sabres would settle for scoring more goals than the opposition.