“Finally, Jose Reyes gets into a Home Run Derby,” writes Maura Johnston. Though I’d prefer to think the Mets shortstop turning up for a Wii event is his own subtle of way of saying he disapproves of the Widow Cobain licensing her late hubby’s classics to 2K Sports. Except it’s the same game publisher. So never mind. Thanks for selling out, Jose.

Good thing tonight’s All-Star Game will determine home field advantage in the World Series. Otherwise, we’d have never heard of anyone taking the contest seriously.

Of ESPN’s thin “The Bronx Is Burning”, No Mas’ C.I. opines, “this project should have been a documentary.”

In the dramatized Bronx is Burning last night on ESPN, which seemed not to have the budget to afford extensive period shooting on location, the city history part of the story boiled down to a ten second documentary clip on Abe Beam letting go of civil servants and some extremely wonky Son of Sam scenes, which only served as a painful reminder how much better Spike Lee had already treated the exact same material.

Ouch. Lee’s “Summer Of Sam” is one of his weaker films — not quite “Girl 6” bad, but close enough. I mean, I love Adrien Brody in a mohawk as much as anyone, but if Spike’s take on NYC 1977 is superior to that of the WWL, I might not bother with what I’ve already TiVo’d.