The Smoking Gun reports today that Tennesee Titans QB Adrian McPherson is suing the Titans for $20 million following an August mishap in which McPherson was accidentally struck and hit by T-Rac, the Titans’ racoon-cum-golf-cart-driving mascot:

The December 15 complaint…notes that McPherson was listed on the Saints roster as a quarterback and “was going to play in other significant capacities for the Saints.” However, “as a result of the wreck,” McPherson was forced to miss the entire pre-season as well as the NFL season, since he was placed on the team’s injured reserve list. McPherson contends that the Titans are culpable for damages since the club allowed “its mascot to operate motorized vehicles on the field while players are present.”

Raccoon mascots, notorious for their bad hearing, are likely to misinterpret simple phrases like “backup quarterback” as “back into this dumbass with your Titans golf cart”.