You’d think the guy credited with saying “Lady, I’m no athlete, I’m a ballplayer” would loosen up a bit, but there was John Kruk on the idiot box tonight, taking umbrage at Derek Lowe (above) and Dave Roberts donning Boston jerseys while picking up their World Championship rings yesterday afternoon. Kruk thought both players were showing disloyalty to their current employers (Los Angeles and San Diego respectively), though perhaps if the former Padres/Phillies 1B had ever earned a ring in his career, he could’ve spoke to the issue with greater authority.

From this couch, it seemed as though the Red Sox went above and beyond to make the pregame festivities a memorable experience — not only being classy enough to introduce Lowe and Roberts, but working Johnny Pesky, Carl Yazstremski, Bobby Orr, Bill Russell and Tedy Bruschi into the mix as well (presumably Steve Grogan was stuck in traffic). And on a similar tip, for all of the ink wasted on claims the Yankees would hide in the clubhouse during the ceremonies, thumbs up to Joe Torre and his players for having the professionalism and grace to watch and applaud from the top step of the visitor’s dugout. And likewise, Mariano Rivera for having a laugh at the massive ovation he received. This was a rare afternoon in which the superstar talent and their paymasters managed not to act like total jerks…while commemorating a truly once-in-a-lifetime accomplishment. Shame it was in violation of the Kruk Kode.

(UPDATE : Perhaps we should remember that John Kruk, Mr. Old School Loyalty, walked out on the ’95 White Sox, not just mid-season, but mid-game, after reaching .300. But at least he didn’t put another team’s uniform on!)