With the Boston Globe’s Ron Borges (above) continuing to stir up shit — last Sunday he suggested that New England’s Bill Belichick intentionally tanked the Pats’ Week 17 loss to Miami, and described Doug Flutie’s crowd-pleasing drop-kick as “bush league”Mark Jurkowitz of the Boston Phoenix surveys the scene.

At a time when a) the Patriots can do no wrong and b) everyone in New England thought the drop kick was creative, clever, and cute — here’s the Globe curmudgeon bashing the team’s ingenious coach.

In truth, Belichick is not exactly the media’s wet dream. He is controlled, controlling and much more likely to conceal his true intentions than reveal them. (And he clearly wanted to lose the Dolphins game to get Jacksonville.) But because of his incredible success, he largely gets a pass on all that.

The headline atop Borges’s Sunday column “Pack’s mentality unfathomable” was actually about what Borges considered the unfair firing of Green Bay coach Mike Sherman. But it really speaks to Borges’s self-appointed role in the local media firmament as the guy who bucks “the pack mentality,” and spurns the conventional wisdom.

In that regard, he seems to be the heir apparent to one other notoriously thick-skinned, tough, arrogant, and controversial Globe sportswriter — the late Will McDonough.

Is Borges’s posture just that — a carefully contrived move to set him apart from the pack or does he really believe what he’s saying? Search me. But in a strange way, it’s nice to see at least one voice dissenting from the amen chorus. Even if everyone in New England disagrees.