From the AP :

Kansas’ athletic director apologized to his Kansas State counterpart for incidents in which Jayhawks fans taunted Wildcats basketball coach Bob Huggins (above) for his past legal problems, a newspaper reported.

The Lawrence Journal-World reported that Kansas’ Lew Perkins called Kansas State’s Tim Weiser on Thursday to apologize for fans’ actions during Wednesday’s game.

During the second half of the ninth-ranked Jayhawks’ 97-70 victory, fans chanted “DUI, DUI,” at Huggins — a reference to Huggins’ 2004 conviction for drunken driving in Ohio, while he was still Cincinnati’s coach.

Students also held up copies of the campus newspaper, the University Daily Kansan, which had a fold-out illustration of Huggins behind bars with the caption, “Hugs and Thugs.”

“The student newspaper centerfold was embarrassing to the university and athletic department as well as the newspaper itself,” Kansas associate athletic director Jim Marchiony said Thursday. “Several chants were embarrassing to the university. There’s no place for that in college athletics.”

I attended K-State’s 73-72 win at Texas last Saturday afternoon and sat a few rows behind the visitors’ bench. Almost every time Huggins objected to a call, he was greeted with catcalls like “have another beer” and “down in front” (though that one might’ve been directed at me).

Dallas’ Owner With A Boner
has come to the defense of his Dirkness, accusing D-Wade of taking part in “some of the lamest, boring commercials known to man? Commercials that are singlehandedly responsible for selling more commercial skipping Tivos than anything else on TV?”

Cuban has a point. When has Flash starred in anything this hot?