Miami part owner Raanan Katz might be on to something here. Enough exposure to Jason Williams would be enough to send anyone straight to the Wailing Wall. From Ynet News’ Amir Bogen.

Raanan Katz (above), who partly owns both Maccabi Tel Aviv and the Miami Heat basketball teams, said that the Heat’s upcoming duel against the Dallas Mavericks will be very tough.”

“God can always help; we need him on our side against Dallas,” said Katz. “Every Israeli must support us; they must go the Western Wall and pray for us. Miami Heat is no less Israeli than Maccabi. This is also a group with Israeli ownership in which many Americans play.”

Maccabi made history when they beat Toronto. Do you think it can stand up to Miami?

“To be honest, with all respect for Maccabi, it doesn’t have a chance against Miami. Maybe only in October, before the season, when the minds of the players are not really on basketball. It reminds me of the loss of the American team in the Olympics. I mean, give me a break. The players came to enjoy a summer vacation, to have a laugh, not to play basketball.”