If Ted Sarandis is going to become a public servant, does that mean he’ll fix me a sandwich? From John Molori’s Media Blitz.

Move over Senator Kennedy. There™s a new Teddy in Massachusetts politics. Ted Sarandis, the former host of WEEI™s œTed Nation, has thrown his hat into the ring for Massachusetts Governor™s Council for the November election.

œThis committee plays a real role in government, says the 50 year-old Sarandis (above), whose foray into politics has gained attention in and out of the sports world.

œThe eight people on the council vote for judicial nominations. The chicanery that has been in this process gets overlooked. There are currently too many inside deals and incestuous relationships with the legislature.

Sarandis, running as an Independent, is out to clean up some of the muck and mud in Massachusetts politics. He states, œJudges who sexually harass their employees can stay on the payroll.”

œThese judges have lifetime jobs. They take thirteen weeks vacation and have another three weeks for educational sabbaticals, and they are not accountable. When is the last time you saw an active judge at the state or federal level give an interview? They are so arrogant and out of touch.

The platform on which Sarandis is running is threefold. œI am proposing an eight year term limit for judges, an anti-nepotism law and I also want a hard and fast law stating that legislators running for office cannot accept one dime in political contributions from judicial nominees.