“I just returned from the Patriots win over the Giants,” writes the proprietor of Ken Dorsey’s Jockstrap, “and I™ve come to a new conclusion; Patriots fans are douchebags.”  Wow, take that Fitzy! “I guess since their coach is a ball bag, I can™t really expect the fans not to be too” sighs KDJ, perhaps looking the other way at his beloved Cowboys being owned by, well, something of a ball bag.

Tonight, I™ve learned that there™s nothing worse than a Patriots fan. By the end of the first quarter, security had to escort people out about eight times (just in sections 301-303). In our section alone, we had about four or five Patriots douche bags. Most were just the usual morons who just continually point to their own jersey; I guess if you™re wearing a Moss jersey and he scores it means one of two things; he scored, so you scored as well, or Moss scored because you were wearing his jersey and you wanted to make sure we all understood that.

One personal favorite douche sat behind us. He spent the entire game chanting, œOverrated! Overrated! Overrated. Both my wife and I thought it was odd that a Giant fan would call a 15-0 team overrated, until the 4th quarter when I actually turned around and realized it was a Pats fan. It might be the first time in football history that 14-point home underdog was called overrated.

However, the fan of the day was one piece of shit, wearing a #44 Pats jersey. He had the name ˜Evans™ written on duck tape on the back of it. I™m guessing he couldn™t afford the new jersey. Anyhow, douche bag spent the entire game turning and taunting the Giants fans behind him. Every time the Pats got a single first down, guess what he did? You™ll never guess. That™s right, he did the ˜first down™ point just like every third-rate wide receiver does now. His favorite (when the Pats were losing) was to turn around and chant, œyour conference sucks! This had to be the first time a team™s conference was thrown back at them. I guess he overlooked the whole divisional thing and the fact the Pats played in a division with three losing teams, two of which have a combined 4-27 record.