Sincere congratulations to the New York Knicks for managing to hold the Phoenix Suns to less than 150 points this evening.

(Phoenix’s Shawn Marion soars above Jamison Brewer’s dubious hairstyle)

So what’s up with NY not even attempting to press, go for steals or foul anyone while trailing by 9 and less than a minute left? I saw a video tape of another game from earlier in the week —- I think it was Sacramento’s win on Friday, but can’t seem to remember who they were playing — and it’s incredible just how quickly a lead can disappear when the team being harrassed loses their composure.

I’m willing to make an allowance for the Knicks being winded after being in the midst of a fast-break battle for some 47 minutes. Well, that and the fact they gave up.

Jamal Crawford suffered an ankle injury in the final moments of this latest disappointment. Presuming this is more than a minor sprain, I can envision Vin Baker being called upon to provide as many as 2 minutes per game (if he’s up to it). I’m well aware that Baker and Crawford don’t play the same position, but taking gratuitous shots at the former is the only pleasure left this season.