If you’ve been wondering what possible justification the New York Knicks might come up with to avoid paying Larry Brown the remaining $40 million on contract, you’ll love this. Not since Hugh Grant offered Divine Brown a lift has pulling over for a chat been held to such intense scrutiny.

From CBS Sportsline :

The New York Knicks contend Larry Brown broke Madison Square Garden policy with his roadside interviews, a decision the team believes could wind up saving them millions.

Since James Dolan became owner of the Knicks and Rangers, Madison Square Garden policy specifies that any interviews must be done with a public relations official present — with no exceptions, according to a person familiar with the policy, who spoke to the Associated Press on condition of anonymity because this matter has not been resolved.

Assuming David Stern has any jurisdiction in this matter, not only should Brown be paid in full, I eagerly await some kind of punative action against James Dolan for wasting further time and money with such a flimsy scheme.