Superstar Billy Graham is hardly alone in holding Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate Linda McMahon’s feet to the fire in her campaign against Connecticut incumbent Chris Dodd. Whether it’s hypocrisy or just poor public relations, Hugging Harold Reynolds finds something a bit screwy about McMahon’s Senate bid being bankrolled by the same WWE that draws from a rather interesting talent pool.  “it just seems disingenuous of candidate McMahon to 1. distance herself from the company that’s afforded her the luxury of self-financing her campaign; and 2. pretend it’s something it’s not,” writes HHR.  Sounds like someone doesn’t wanna see a lingerie match with Nancy Pelosi.

What’s head-scratching is the Fed’s decision last week to bring the 2008 Playboy Magazine Model of the Year, Jillian Beyor (who wrestling sites are claiming – read: gossiping – “appeared in a few adult themed fetish video shoots back in 2007 under the name Brianna”), as one of their renowned Divas.

Beyor shares esteemed company with Sable, Chyna, Torrie Wilson, Christy Hemme, Ashley Massaro, Maria Kanellis, and Candice Michelle as Diva/Playmates.

If the soft-core rumors are true, with Michelle, she shares the distinction of hitting Diva/Playmate/Porn Star trifecta.

Michelle was fired back in June for not looking “Diva-like.” With the overall toning-down of the television product, one must wonder, however, whether it was a politically motivated move to distance the company (and thus, the candidate) from a porn star. And conversely, why they’d bring on Beyor.

Getting back to Michelle, under the name Mackenzie Montgomery, Michelle appeared in over 60 hardcore porn films and scenes before and during her time as a WWE Diva, specializing in bondage films (including classics Gagged and Frightened!, Bare Breasted Bondage Girls, Hand Gagged!, and Guys And Girls: Ropes And Gags. The impressive resume reads like an RS Video order.