(new L.A. arrival Mr. Brown, wondering there’s a shooting guard on his new team that might try to dictate coaching or GM decisions)

We’ve been waiting months for the full tale to be told, and who am I to say it wasn’t worth the wait? From the Washington Post’s Michael Lee.

(Kwame) Brown said he did not become ill after Game 3 of Washington’s first-round series against the Chicago Bulls, as the Wizards reported at the time, but skipped practice the following day because he was so angry at teammate Gilbert Arenas that he feared he would have attacked the Wizards’ high-scoring point guard.

Brown said that during Game 3 of the Bulls series, Arenas told Coach Eddie Jordan not to insert Brown into the game, and that Jordan complied. Brown said Jordan’s decision angered him so much that he wanted to physically harm Arenas the next day at practice. In order to contain his rage, Brown said, he decided not to come to practice for fear of what he would have done to Arenas.

“The thing is, the whole thing stems from Gilbert telling them not to put me in the game. I didn’t come to practice because I was going to be a distraction. I was going to slap the [expletive] out of him,” Brown said. “I’ll admit it, what I did was wrong — not showing up was wrong — but I ain’t saying what I would’ve done if I showed up would’ve been right. Being that I didn’t show up I didn’t put my hands on nobody. How a teammate, a supposed friend, would go to a coach and tell him don’t put me in a game, I would’ve done something seriously wrong to him.”