Newsweek reports that while the campaign had some rough moments for the Bush twins, Jenna and Barbara, as the weeks progressed, it was high comedy.

And yet the twins did not sulk, at least for long. They went back out on the campaign trail with their father and had fun. The girls had been on the bus off and on through August. The president clearly enjoyed having them along for the ride; the former fraternity-rush chairman chuckled as his daughters called out derisive signs they saw along the road. Passing one that read “You Suck!”, father and daughters howled with sophomoric glee.

The girls, especially Jenna, had more than a touch of their father’s in-your-face showmanship. Jenna got the hang of working an audience. At the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, she paused at what was clearly meant to be an applause line in her speech. When no one clapped, she looked straight at a girl in the front row and said, “Clap!” As the audience dutifully clapped, Jenna turned to Barbara and both girls laughed. Boys kept approaching the girls insisting, “My mom really wants me to take a picture with you two.” By the third time around, Jenna simply replied, “Ohhh, really?” As they left an event in Milwaukee, hecklers held up a sign saying “Send The Bush Twins To Iraq”. A male student yelled out, “No way, don’t send them to Iraq. Send them to my room!”

The young man in question is currently enjoying an all-expense paid vacation in Guantanamo Bay.