I think I liked Lance Berkman better when he was risking his baseball career playing flag football. Proving his judgement has yet to improve in retirement, Berkman has recorded an advertisement for a group opposing Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance, as reported by Outsports’ Cyd Ziegler :

Berkman uses a popular smokescreen – the idea of boys suddenly showering with girls in the locker room – to attack the equal-rights law. As gay people and same-sex couples have found increasing acceptance, that has become a popular method of division for the anti-LGBT forces in Houston, to go after trans youth as some kind of sexual predators.

“No men in women’s bathrooms, no boys in girls’ showers or locker rooms,” Berkman says in a new radio ad. “I played professional baseball for 15 years, but my family is more important. My wife and I have four daughters. Proposition 1, the bathroom ordinance, would allow troubled men to enter women’s public bathrooms, showers and locker rooms. This would violate their privacy and put them in harm’s way.”

Ironically, Berkman failed to flex his activist muscles back when fans using the toilets at his former workplace risked encountering heterosexuals fucking.