Though the old expression about not being able to take your eyes away from a car crash could’ve been applied to the New York Knicks on many recent occasions, Larry Brown might want to consider conducting all future interviews via instant message. If not for his own dignity, than the safety of his fellow citizens. From The New York Post’s Marc Berman.

In a pouring rain, Larry Brown (above) gave another brief roadside interview, then tried pulling his dark gray Audi back onto a busy Westchester road. Brown slammed on the brakes as Thomas’ silver Road Ranger came flying by. Thomas swerved left on the wet pavement out of the way. The vehicles missed each other by a wide margin but the symbolism was precious.

Before the close call, Thomas had driven past the Knick beat writers and a Post photographer as they attempted to flag him down moments after Brown spoke.

Thomas waved and flashed his brights to acknowledge the rain-soaked media throng. Thomas has not spoken since The Brown Watch began three weeks ago in which owner James Dolan is plotting Brown’s ouster.

Brown continued to show guts in addressing reporters for the third time in four days, pulling off on the side of the road about 200 yards from the Westchester practice facility after working out eight draft-eligible players. The organization has refused to make Brown available to the media.

Brown spoke for less than two minutes, revealing Knicks brass has instructed him to come to Orlando Tuesday for the start of the four-day pre-draft camp. It’s only appropriate the Mickey Mouse organization will force Brown to head to Fantasyland during these surreal three weeks.