“As big of a thrill as it is to put the Cubs uniform on — obviously the history and the tradition here — it’s going to be pretty nice to wear a glove again, too,” said Nevin, who will wear No. 40.”

That’s the newest Chicago Cub, 1B Phil Nevin, as quoted by MLB.com. Replies Ben Schwartz,

Yep, 98 years of Tradition, Phil, hope you don’t crack from the pressure. The Cubs website today is also touting Chicago’s 14th inning 5-4 win over St. Louis as “epic.” Considering the slide of the last month, a 1-0 6th inning rain out win would be epic. I gotta say, tho, it was great seeing something break our way for once. If Nevin can put any RBIs up it will make a huge difference. The Cubs have been getting shut out and losing with just one run on the board — getting anyone around would have won several games in the last month.