(CSTB’s own Mr. Ed, who really had the last word on this subject a long time ago)

It is apparently a very, very poor reflection on CBS Sportsline’s ever opinionated Greg Doyel, that he recently stumbled across the Barbaro Message Board hosted by the University of Pennsylvania School Of Veterinary Medicine.

Doyel, has of course done so, after the matter has been beaten to death by Deadspin since, well, the dawn of time.

Sneers Deasdsub A.J. Daulerio, “Next week, Doyel uncovers that whole Carolina Panthers cheerleader sex-in-the-bathroom thing.”

Hoo ha. Considering that Deadspin’s single biggest contribution to investigative journalism was incorrectly naming and shaming Albert Pujols’ personal trainer, maybe Will’s weekday understudy oughta take it easy on Doyel. Indeed, the Sportsline scribe is awfully late chasing this particular (horse) ambulance. But how many items have appeared in Deadspin, days, weeks, if not months after they were circulated by blogs or news organizations?

(KORRECTION KORNER : An earlier version of this post credited the Doyel bashing to the hands of Will Leitch. This was an inexcusable error on my part, and I apologize for getting it wronger than wrong.)