…and perhaps not so well versed in using search engines, either.  While a star-studded collection of sports media icons paid homage to outgoing Deadspin editor Wil Leitch yesterday (the funniest entry being J.E. Skeets’ recreation of the “Costas Now” blog segment), Page 2’s Bill Simmons offered the following tribute :

Here’s when I knew you had the sports blogosphere by the balls: When you gave a soccer column to an editor at Harper Collins, then that same editor signed you to a book deal … and nobody made a big deal about it or brought up the blatant conflict of interest. That was amazing.

That CSTB isn’t on Simmons’ blogroll
is neither offensive nor surprising.  But if a connected, culturally savvy guy like Bill isn’t reading Gawker anymore either….I might finally have found something in common with him.   Besides the deep appreciation for Eddie Vedder and Adam Duritz, that is.