Texas 7, North Texas 0 (12:36, first quarter)

Colt McCoy hit Limas Sweed (above) with a pass over the middle good for a 32 yard TD on the former’s third-ever play from scrimmage. 3-and-out for North Texas on their first possession (they failed to put 11 men on the field for their first play)…and UT has christened the new Godzillatron with a glorious sideline shot of….Chuck Norris.

(I’d be led to believe they’d errected a screen large enough to block the sun. Don’t believe the hype)

Because that’s how everyone wants to spend their Saturday morning. Watching Chuck Norris on the World’s Biggest TV in 100 degree heat.

North Texas recovered a fumble on the ensuing punt, which made a hash of my prediction they’d not advance into Longhorns territory before the 4th quarter.

Animal anti-cruelty advocates take note : there have been no Bevo sightings thus far today (perhaps they dragged him out before I arrived). Either that, or he’s at home watching the end of England v. Andorra.)

(UPDATE : 10:43, first quarter. 27 yard FG attempt by North Texas, blocked by UT’s Brian Robinson)

(UPDATE DOS : Texas 14, North Texas 0, McCoy, 1 yard rushing TD, 1:04 left, first quarter)