Though memories of Notre Dame playing well away from home in ’06 figure in my assessment of tonight’s game at Georgia Tech, I’m only linking to the following for the gratuitious shot at Charlie Weis. From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Jeff Shultz.

After finishing 9-3, Charlie Weis got a book deal, a lifetime of riches and deity status. After all, he won two more games than Chan Gailey.

Funny. Ty Willingham went 10-3 his first year at Notre Dame, but I don’t remember fans handing over the keys to their daughters and beach houses.

That said: Notre Dame’s not bad. I know: Danger game. Tech wins games it shouldn’t. Tech has a great defensive coordinator (Jon Tenuta) and a new guy calling plays (Patrick Nix). Tech has Calvin Johnson.

What’s Latin for blahblahblah?

This could be one-sided. It could be close. But if it’s one sided, Notre Dame’s winning. If it’s close, it’ll come down to a play by the quarterback. So who do you want? Brady Quinn (32 touchdowns and seven interceptions last season) or Reggie Ball (above, 11 and 12, respectively).

What might the career trajectory of 1966 Heisman Trophy winner Steve Spurrier been like were it not for Florida’s defeat of FSU in what’s known as “The Lane Fenner Game”? (link : Edgar Thompson, Palm Beach Post)