“With each big league trip to the mound this season — minus Opening Day, numbering 17 in total — Chris Sale has worked in one particular word during his postgame interview,” reports MLB.com’s Scott Merkin. Apparently, the words are chosen by White Sox video coordinator Bryan Johnson, who may or may not sneak “Nehru” in before the 2014 season’s close.

Sale’s words since his second start have gone as follows :

• Juxtapose (April 11)
• Consternation (April 17)
• Ameliorate (May 22)
• Acquiesce (May 27)
• Capitulated (June 1)
• Nascence (June 7)
• Ruminate (June 12)
• Repudiate (June 18)
• Antithetic (June 23)
• Dichotomy (June 28)
• Cacophony (July 4)
• Adjudicate (July 9)
• Ubiquitous (July 21)
• Voracious (July 26)
• Prescience (Aug. 1)
• Amalgamation (Aug. 6)

Even on June 7 in Anaheim, when a 5-0 lead turned into an unexpected 5-all deadlock over the course of five batters faced by Sale in the eighth, the southpaw still stayed true to form postgame with “nascence.”

“When you commit to something as serious as this, you have to ride it out through the good and the bad,” Sale said. “We had said that we were going to do it every start this year. In a sense, me and Bryan are on a team now, and I can’t let my team down. I have two teams to play for a night.”