While the rest of you undiscriminating types were watching “America’s Ballroom Challenge”, Vlad’s Home Run Derby victory, I was entertained last night by SNY’s coverage of the Brooklyn Cyclones’ 3-2 home loss to the Jamestown Jammers.  It was “Irish Heritage Night” at Keyspan Park, which might explain the outrageous outfit donned by Brooklyn starter Dillion Gee (above).

With the Mets having the night off, WFAN covered the game, with the dulcet tones of alleged CSTB reader Chris Carlin describing the action.   While Carlin showed tremendous initiative by inviting Coney Island legend Von LMO to visit the booth during the 7th inning, the decision to play the above video over the Keyspan scoreboard might result in a very large class action suit against the Wilpon family.

Of the public animus towards the Sultan Of Surly, Sir John Kruk angrily stated today, “they’re booing greatness. You don’t boo a .200 hitter.”  Great news, for Julio Lugo, then.

Of Matt Holiday and Alex Rios’ performances last night, Dusty Baker suggested the pair “might become household names….even though they play in obscure places.”  How tight must those wristbands be, to consider Toronto an obscure place?