I followed the past weekend’s Subway Series mostly via SNY and WFAN over the weekend, and as such, I missed another opportunity to hear WCBS’ tandem of John Sterling and Ms. Goodness Gracious provide their patented brand of unbiased commentary and trenchant analysis. However, Xlog’s Mike Cardano cannot make the same claim ; “If you are one of those who have never heard the dynamic duo call a game, you can consider yourself either blessed, or having missed out on something great, depending on how you look at.” (link swiped from Repoz and Baseball Think Factory)

I’m not certain that I’ve ever heard a broadcaster not know who the participants playing in the game were after already announcing the game for a half hour. In the second inning of Sunday’s game, John Sterling had no clue who the player was in right field that caught the fly ball. He initially called the put out made by Carlos Beltran, and then came an uncomfortable period of silence and correction after he was told that Beltran is the DH and Fernando Martinez was the one who caught the ball.

The funniest part is, after he screwed up, he told the audience that he had not yet looked at the score card. It was the second inning of a game that he was announcing!