How awesome is it to learn the T-Wolves 12th man loves sucking up to the sickening, rug-wearing, self-obsessed fraudulent sack of shit known as “The Donald”? From Mark (link swiped from I Heart KG) :

So after the Russian spy situation was analyzed, the conversation turned to a recent interview by Donald Trump. I must say that I have come to LOVE the interviews that Donald Trump gives. In the last two years, I’ve seen two different interviews with Trump on Larry King live–Trump is a great personality and a brilliant business person. Forget the Real Estate business Donald, you should be an entertainer! I used to be totally indifferent to Donald Trump but now I love listening to him because everything he says is so full of conviction and so opinionated.

It’s cool to sit there are hear KG talking about what Donald Trump said on TV or what Trenton has learned about the British-Soviet connection in the Spy’s death. Of course within the world of the NBA when someone from the outside world goes at one of our own, (We consider Mark Cuban one of our own), we always stick with our guy and even though I love Donald Trump, Mark Cuban is well-loved in the NBA fraternity and he’s our guy. Once Trump buys the New York Knicks he’ll be on par with Cuban within the circles of NBA players.

There’s some sort of public circle jerk taking place at the NBA Store tonight. I realize it’s already on record that Agent Zero is willing to hang out with anyone, but I fear this is taking advantage of Gilbert’s good nature.

I’ll be at tomorrow night’s Wizards/Knicks game (section 400 something or other — at $10 a ticket, hopefully there’s no margin left for J.D.) and if any of the blogging elite are eager to hang out before or afterwards….well, fuck off. I’d sooner gargle with broken glass.

J.E. Skeets, moonlighting over at the Little Blogging Corporation That Could, writes that former Cavs center Brad Daugherty is about to start a new TV gig as a NASCAR analyst. Said news arrives on the same day it was announced NASCAR is abandoning plans to build a mega-track on Staten Island. I don’t know if never having to visit Staten Island was a prerequisite to Daugherty taking the job, but he did once own a NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series team, so he’s not without some background.

“A Desire To Destroy The Best Owner In The League”?