(next time The King chooses to take the night off during the playoffs, Miami can comfort themselves in the knowledge they’ve got someone unafraid to take a big shot….of Jagermeister)

How better for Orlando GM Otis Smith to celebrate what is probably the end of a compelling Eastern Conference rivalry between his Magic and the Cavaliers than by firing a salvo or two at the cross-state rival Miami Heat? “”Unless they got three balls, you still guard them the same,” Smith said. “They’ll figure it out I’m sure. Somebody’s going to end up with seven shots.” Yes, but after Mike Miller, how many are left for LeBron James and Chris Bosh?  The rest of Smith’s comments courtesy of the Orlando Sentinel’s Josh Robbins :

Asked if the NBA’s balance of power has shifted toward South Beach, Smith reminded everyone that the Los Angeles Lakers still exist and that the Lakers still have Kobe Bryant. “Is Kobe retiring?” Smith asked.

No, a reporter joked. Kobe is going to Miami.

“He’s proven he can do it on his own,” Smith responded, a smile crossing his face. “Oops. My bad.”

Predictably, understandably Smith wasn’t going to cede anything to the Heat.

“Unless we change the rules, it’s still a team game,” he added later. “Unless we change the rules, we’re still playing with five guys. Unless we change the rules, the event does matter. Let’s not give them a ring so fast. I mean, unless we change the rules, they still have to play together. Somebody’s going to have to take the side seat; somebody’s going to have to be Robin.”

So, he was asked, do the Magic have to make a move or moves to counter what the Heat have done?

Smith said: “I’ve been upstairs since last night when he made the announcement, just going crazy trying to come up with . . .”

He was being sarcastic.