In case you weren’t convinced the Grimsley case had wide ranging repercussions, if nothing else, it has provided the Chicago Sun-Times’ Jay Mariotti (above) with yet another opportunity to take a swipe at Ozzie Guillen.

“The only thing I can say is that a former player should shut up and go,” Guillen said after Grimsley, a journeyman pitcher who played for seven major-league teams, provided steroids information to the feds. “Shut up and move on. We don’t need these guys here. Baseball is better without him.”

Of course, Guillen had a parting shot for Grimsley as he walked out of the interview room Thursday night. “Shoot the [bleep],” he said.

I have a better idea: Why not let the feds grill Ozzie for a few hours? He certainly has opinions about everything, such as who has used and who hasn’t.

Guillen is the face and voice of the Sox’ organization, and if he endorses a blanket lack of cooperation by Grimsley and anyone else who has steroids knowledge, he’s saying baseball is bigger than the laws of the land. We all know the game has been sullied by steroids. What we finally are starting to grasp is that hundreds upon hundreds of players, not just dozens, might have been using. If we’re playing by Man Rules here, Grimsley is viewed as a snitch by those in the sacred domain of the baseball clubhouse. That is rock-headed and arrogant thinking.

If the Grimsleys of a grimy world are a means to an end, then I want to know everything they know. There can be no code of clubhouse honor, Ozzie, when there has been such little honor in the clubhouse. You are the one who needs to “shut up” and let justice take its course.