Cowboys 23, Giants 20

Lord knows, I have no business challenging the football acumen of Colonel Coughlin, but here goes nuthin’ : Brandon Jacobs running outside on 4th and 1 instead of straight-down-the-middle? Not to dump all over Mr. Disciplinarian at every available opportunity, but I believe Bill Callahan had a phrase for teams that (nearly) hit the double digit mark in penalties. Dumb motherfuckers? A team poorly prepared by an asshole who isn’t accountable to anyone? (OK, that’s not exactly a phrase).

The Giants hadn’t done dick in the 4th quarter in long spell, and Eli Manning (9 for 11, 118 yards in the final frame) got his groove back (kinda) courtesy of a pair of scoring drives, the latter of which culminated in a TD pass to Plaxico Fantastico with 1:09 left. Sadly, that was moments before Tony Romo connected with Jay Whiten on a 44 yard bomberoonie that would set up Martin Gramatica’s game-winning, 48 yard field goal. Dumping the Liquored Up Idiot turned out to be the smartest play Bill Parcells called this week.

Along with reporting that Giants RB Tiki Barber is slogging through his final campaign with a broken thumb, Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer report writes that Cincy’s Chad Johnson owes Saints coach Sean Payton $1600 for tickets Ocho Cinco requested for the Bengals visit to New Orleans in Week 11.

I don’t wanna be too harsh on Oakland’s rushing D, but Taylor Dayne has more business running for 95 yards on 18 carries than Ron.

After the Cards returned to St. Louis to embarrass the Rams earlier today, Marc Bulger suggested his teammates had given up. Michael Strahan is FedEx’ing a pamphlet to Rams Park on how Bulger can change the subject and speak with his mouth full when faced with followup questions tomorrow morning.