(Florida’s Urban Meyer, shown with a dog-eared edition of “Think Like A Winner”. He loaned his copy of “Dress Like A Dork” to Tim Tebow.)

Thanks to the LA Times
, you no longer need to watch Fox’s coverage of the selection announcements.

The Big ‘Un : Ohio State vs. Florida

Rose: USC vs. Michigan.

Sugar: Notre Dame vs. LSU.

Orange: Louisville vs. Wake Forest.

Fiesta: Oklahoma vs. Boise State.

In somewhat less spectacular news, BC has accepted a bid to play in the December 30 Meineke Car Car Bowl against Navy. Nebraska will play No. 10 Auburn in the Cotton Bowl, and Rutgers-killers Cincinnati will face Western Michigan in the inaugural International Bowl on January 6. Presumably the game is dubbed “The International Bowl” because it’ll be played at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, but I’d be more impressed if McGill University had been asked to participate.