From the LA Times’ Tim Brown.

The Dodgers will interview former Tampa Bay Devil Ray bench coach John McLaren for their vacant manager position Monday.

A finalist for the Devil Ray job that went to Angel bench coach Joe Maddon, McLaren has worked under Lou Piniella for the last 14 seasons, in Cincinnati, Seattle and Tampa Bay. Piniella, whose contract was bought out last month, declined to be interviewed by the Dodgers.

(the available pics of John McLaren are pretty bad, so you’ll have to settle for Malcolm McLaren, instead)

“I’ve got a lot of Lou Piniella instilled in me,” McLaren said Friday night.

The Dodgers continue to track free agents Brian Giles, Rafael Furcal and several pitchers, including Kevin Millwood and their own Jeff Weaver, and Florida Marlin center fielder Juan Pierre, and shop Milton Bradley.

Dodger executives are telling other organizations they have about $18 million to spend, assuming they trade Bradley or don’t make him an offer.